Christmas Preparations

The Pickle: “I want to catch Santa. And tell him I’ve been good this year. And give him kisses so he’ll give me PRESENTS! But not lick him, just give him smooches.”



Every year the Gremlin’s best friend has a massive Christmas house party. It’s the family event of the season (as long as you don’t get yourself un-invited), and the event is highlighted by a visit from Santa. This year was the Pickle’s second year at the Gremlin’s party, but it seems to have made quite an impression. While he wasn’t too focused on time he spent upstairs playing with his brother’s best friend’s little brother’s (Spaceballs anyone?) toys, he apparently remembers Santa

Not the hour he spent terrified of Santa, hiding behind his mother, his brother, or his brother’s best friend yelling at Santa to stop putting kids on his lap. No, the mind of a Pickle is much more forgiving – especially when the person in question broke into his house to leave him presents he then got to hoard for himself. It’s unfortunate that this is what he remembers because on days like today, when we go to pick the Gremlin up from a playdate it causes a minor problem. And by minor problem we mean he saw the house and screamed “SANTA!”

The Mother of the Pickle was only barely able to catch up with him before he made it onto the property of a complete stranger en route to the ‘Santa House’ which, unfortunately, the Gremlin was playing in the front lawn. Which means the Pickle did not get to go inside. After a quick chat in the yard with the Gremlin’s best-friends’ mother, and the MOTG tried to head back home, unfortunately.

The Pickle threw the biggest tantrum of his life. He remembered that Santa was in the house, but hasn’t really put the rest of it together so he really thought Santa lived in that house. The MOTP escorted the Gremlin out of the yard which upset the Pickle. While he started to follow the Gremlin and his mother, he was very upset that they were leaving, to the point he laid down in the middle of the street and screamed. The MOTP picked him up at this point, which prompted a wave of fidgets and fights and cries to “put [him] down!” Needless to say, as soon as the MOTP did, he would sprint back towards the house screaming, “I WANT TO SEE SANTA!” It took her a good 10 minutes (while I just watched, laughed, and monitored the child who happened to be behaving at this point) until he calmed down. In the car on the way to ‘Dino Days’ the Pickle finally calmed down enough to talk again.

“So, brudder, did Santa give you presents?”

He’s Really Sweet, Most Of The Time…

“So, Pickle, we’re going to write a letter to Santa. What do you want to ask for?”

“A Lego Chi Lion Temple. For Gremlin!”

“Okay, yeah, he already asked for one. What do you want? For yourself?”

“A Chi Lion Temple. For Gremlin.”

“No, you! What do YOU want?”

“Chi Lion Temple! If Gremlin happy, then Pickle happy!”