Trouble On The Horizon

So I was trying to distract the Gremlin the other night, and asked him if he wanted to play Skip-Bo. The Gremlin declined, but the Pickle jumped at the chance. Thinking I was playing a card game against a two-year old, I set up a quick game and expected it to be a lot of “turn the card over and say yay”.

And then the Pickle beat me. At Skip-Bo. This came with the realization that he can count up to 12 as he expertly navigated questions along the lines of “what comes after five” and “what’s next”? I think he may be even more intelligent than his brother…

On a lighter note, he returned from the park the other day and his conversation with his mother went thusly:

“Hi mumma! I back from da park!”

“Did you have fun?”

“Oh yeah!”

“What did you do?”

“Oh, I played a game wit daddy and brudder. It was so much fun! Den I was freaking out.”

“You were freaking out? About what?”

“Oh mumma, I don’t know!”

For posterity, we brought a ball to the park. The Pickle left to go try out his balance bike, and the Gremlin and myself started playing catch. The Pickle saw this and decided he wanted to play Throw The Ball Anywhere Else (where he turns away from anyone playing the original game and throws/kicks the ball as far away as he can), and was very upset that we continued to tell him he needed to play our game or go back to his balance bike.