Snow Day!

The Gremlin recently took a snow day – after the almost 2 feet that fell up here, even two days after that snow fell there were places that still had pristine snow.

One of these places was the park on the other side of the river from us – the drifts piled up all through the equipment, and allowed the Gremlin to climb to the top of the equipment and leap from the top of the equipment into the soft drifts.

Thanks to the temperature the snow had been completely untouched, and the Gremlin took advantage. He ran from end to end, where he saw a drift, he made a leap – literally being buried in snow before he would manage to get his feet down.

Well, after a few hours of this, the Gremlin finally got enough through his system that he needed to perform one of Nature’s functions. With good foresight from the Mother of the Gremlin, they were at one of the parks with a staffed Chicago Park District building – meaning there was an open bathroom nearby.

The Gremlin, going through one of his “independent” phases (that is until he decides he wants to go home and needs to be carried), stopped the MOTG from coming into the stall and locked the door. Per the Gremlin’s norm of attention (none) and drive to annoy his mother (lots), he took forever.

The Gremlin emerged while his mother was distracted by ‘preschool’ flyers and postings, and was on his way out the front door (to the building, not the bathroom) when his mother finally got caught up to him to take his hand and lead him out. And even then she was more concerned with him “not slipping” than, well…

When they emerged from the park district building, they saw that there began a trickle – other kids had seen the Gremlin and his sporting ways, and were in the process of making their own child-sized craters in the drifts. And more were coming too – pulling into the parking spaces by the Park District building.

The MOTG – not wanting to be overbearing – let the Gremlin loose and walked over to a group of moms that held at least a few moms she’d seen before. The other moms looked away from her has she stepped up, until one finally nodded and cleared her throat.

“Ughm, is that your son in the blue out there?” The MOTG nodded – his reputation preceded him.

“Yeah, that’s my AJ.” The mom finally pointed at him.

“The one in his underwear?” The MOTG froze, and turned slowly.

The Gremlin was climbing between platforms at just that moment, and gave everyone a beautiful showing of his Disney Cars tighty-whities that had been pulled up after he’d gone to the bathroom over his snowpants. The MOTG turned back around to her super hero-like baby (with underwear on the outside!).

“Ha, oh yeah… uh, we’ve been working on him dressing himself recently. I gotta go…”