Pickle Update and Working Hard (Or Hardly Working)

With a 7 month-old crawling Pickle, the attentions of the Mother and Father of the Gremlin have turned to such fun activities like: ‘Making Sure Pickle Doesn’t Pull the Flatscreen Down’ and ‘Making Sure Pickle Doesn’t Fall Down the Front Stairs.’

This has kept the Gremlin acting out looking for attention. Through various tantrums and other authority-defying actions the MOTG first figured out what he was doing and asked him about it.

“Buddy, do you think you were good?”

“Not even remotely.”

“Yeah, it feels like you didn’t even try.”

“Mumma, sometimes there’s no point in even trying.”

Favorite Toy of the Week: Lego Star Wars Droid Escape


On the Third Day of Christmas…

The Mother of the Gremlin and I gave the Gremlin his present early this year – the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar. We thought this would be a fun way to build up to Christmas, but still allow him to get small toys and not get frustrated waiting for all his toys, and then overwhelmed the day of. We failed to realize how incredibly excited the Gremlin would be on an hourly basis. The first two days built excitement to the third day, when the MOTG woke up for the early feeding of the Pickle, the Gremlin was waiting.

“Mumma, is it morning?” His speech grew faster and faster. “Iseesunlight,it’smorningisn’tit?”

The MOTG looked at the clock. 6:59am.

“Well, I guess.”

“Youguesswhat? Isitmorning?! ISIT?!”

“Yes, buddy, it is morning.”

“IT’SDAYTHREE!” And he bolted over to his table in the living room where his advent calendar was sitting.

“Would you like me to turn a lamp on for you?”

“THERE’S NO TIME!” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. The perforations and some of the cardboard gave way. “Oh, it’s so cool, it’s exactly what I wanted!”

“What is it, buddy?”

“I have no idea but it’s Star Wars Legos! It’s too dark, I can’t see the instructions!”

“Here, let me turn the lamp on.”

“You’re taking too long – I will figure it out!”


Favorite Toy of the Week: Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

The Star Wars Turtle

It has begun. The Gremlin woke up at 5:15, 5:45, 6:00, 6:30, and 6:45am this morning asking about the presents under the tree.

To attempt to distract him, I put on The Empire Strikes Back. The Gremlin recognized several of the ships and was really enjoying himself when he started yelling. I managed to catch this:

However, once the movie ended, the Gremlin started up again, and drove the Mother and Father of the Gremlin so crazy we decided that it would be better to open presents before the Christmas Eve trip to California. With Grandma on Skype, it was only the beginning of what I’m sure will be a story-laden Christmas.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Favorite Toy of the Week:  Fisher Price Fire Station