He’s Really Sweet, Most Of The Time…

“So, Pickle, we’re going to write a letter to Santa. What do you want to ask for?”

“A Lego Chi Lion Temple. For Gremlin!”

“Okay, yeah, he already asked for one. What do you want? For yourself?”

“A Chi Lion Temple. For Gremlin.”

“No, you! What do YOU want?”

“Chi Lion Temple! If Gremlin happy, then Pickle happy!”


The Gremlin Has A Plan

“Momma, I have decided.”

“What have you decided?”

“What I want for my birthday.”

“Oh? And what’s that?”

“It’s going to be in the Lego store!”

“Yeah, that’s what we planned.”

“In the Mall of America!”

“Oh, um, buddy, that’s pretty far away. That would be a really expensive party.”

“I know, but it’s already all Chima, so you wouldn’t have to spend money on decorations.”

“Yeah, but it would still be really expensive.”

“Well, okay, I guess the party could just be me, you, daddy, Pickle, Uncle, and that one girl. You know, the one who tells the stories?”


“No, the little one.”


“Yeah! Her. Well, and Rory. He just loves Legos so much. And he’s already been to Chicago so he knows how to get there.”

“But the Mall of America isn’t in Chicago.”

“Yeah, but he can drive there. You know, with us in our car.”

“Buddy, we are not driving there – it would take several days. Last time we flew into Chicago, and then drove up and it still took us a day.”

“Oh, right. Dang. Okay, then how about the pool?”

No! That’s For Brother!

With the Gremlin in all-day kindergarten, the Pickle is finding himself the center of attention during the day. He goes on errands to the bank, fun trips to the park, and even shopping with his mother. But just because the Gremlin is out of sight, doesn’t mean he’s out of the Pickle’s mind. Just the other day the little terror himself found himself in Target when the unthinkable happened. Another boy, about his brother’s age, decided to look at the Legos too.

The Pickle was immediately on the offensive, walking up to the boy and looking him over. The boy did not know how to deal with the minuscule monster and tried to ignore him and look at the first set – a Lego Monster Fighters set. The Pickle was having none of this.

“Nono! Brubbers! Brubbers!” And he snatched the set off the shelf, tottered over to the cart, and stretched up to dump it in his cart. The boy looked surprised – most likely unable to decipher ‘brubber’ to ‘brother’ so he moved on to the second of the four sets – a Chima set. Again, as soon as he crouched in front of it, the Pickle ran over shouting, ‘NO!’

Again, he appropriated the set, dumped it into his cart, and monitored the other child. Finally, the boy approached the Ninjago set.

“No! Ninjago! Ninjago is for brubber!” The Pickle went for the set again but the boy had now turned his attention.

“What? You know Ninjago?”

“Ninjago, Kai, Zane, Jay!”

“Oh, wow,  you’re the coolest little brother. I don’t think I can even be mad!”

Uniform Confusion

In the mass toy-palooza that was Christmas, the Gremlin overlooked one very small, but very important thing: Uncle Zach’s Target  mini-Lego set.

When he pulled it out early this week, he re-assembled the Target dog (one of the 3 options), and then decided his favorite option of the set was to build a polar bear, and have him be halfway through building the snowman (the other 2 options).

It was during clean-up time when he was done with this that he found the box had a nifty trick to it.

“Daddy, what’s this?”

“It looks like a gift ca….uh-I don’ t know buddy. Let me see it.”


This ultimately led to several hours of looking through the Lego magazine and comparing prices and quantities to determine what the Gremlin could afford with his newfound wealth. Just when the Mother of the Gremlin and I didn’t think we could take another minute of comparing weapons between Cole and Jay, we turned the page to find the bad guys, or – even worse – Dinosaur or Star Wars Legos (“Can I get a Star Wars guy and a Ninja set? What if I got this set and this set? Or I could get this set because this weapon is cooler, but I like this guy’s costume better, but this is the guy I wanted, so maybe I could get him too in the separate pack?”).

After an arduous time of deliberation, comparing weapons to weapons and sets to weapons, and guys to sets, and weapons to guys, and guys to weapons, and weapons to weapons, and sets to guys, and weapons to sets and weapons to guys, and everything else 50 times over, the Gremlin was pretty sure he knew what he wanted. He decided he was ready to go to Target and… actually look at them in real life.

The tension built throughout the trip. Due to previous experiences, the Gremlin now has to take his turn at shopping last. He sat patiently through the grocery shopping, and started to squirm during the shopping for the Pickle, and was about to burst when he was finally released to tear down the aisle, fly past the girls toys and skid to a halt to find…

The Lego aisle was completely cleaned out.

The Gremlin whirled around.

“They’re GONE!” The Mother of the Gremlin knew he was about to go into Full Meltdown and jumped in to calm him down.

“Well, let’s get someone who works here to look in the back for more.” The Gremlin considered this carefully and finally sniffed and nodded in agreement.

“How do you tell if someone works here?”

“They’ll be wearing a red shirt.” The Gremlin, armed with this information, marched off on his mission. He zeroed in on the first red shirt he saw and stormed up to the man.

“Hey! Mister! Why don’t you have any Legos?!”

“Umm, I don’t know – I think there should be some here….”

“No! The ones I want are gone!”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry – do something about it! Go look in the back!”

“I don’t think I can do that.”

“Yes you can, go back there and use your eyes!”

“I can’t go in the back, I don’t work here.”

“Then why are you wearing a red shirt?”

“Yeah, good point…”

The Gremlin turned to the MOTG, “we need to find someone who works at Target.”

Almost as soon as he said that, he spotted another person in a red shirt. He stormed up to the next man.

“Do you work at Target?”


“Are you sure?”

“Well, yeah, that’s what it says on my nametag.”

“Oh, that’s how you tell! Well, then, can you help me find something?”

“What do you need?”

“The Training Set.”

“Uh, okay, do you know where it is on the shelves?”


“Great, where?”


After a mildly entertaining ‘who’s on first’ routine about the location of the set, they finally made it over to the shelves and found the tag by the empty area pointing to the Lego Ninjago Training Outpost. Showing none in the back, they ordered one to the store, and the Gremlin got first crack at the new shipment.

And now paces around Target employees to find their badge.

I’m Curious To Know Where He Picked This One Up…..

We were revisiting Psych Season 1 the other day, and the Mother of the Gremlin and I thought the Gremlin was just playing Legos on the ottoman, unfortunately he was paying attention – as usual – and piped up with a question.

“How come the police are in that guy’s apartment?” The MOTG and I shared a glance as I picked my words very carefully – attempting to shield the Gremlin from some of the more gruesome facts of life.

“Someone got very ouchy, and the police are trying to figure out who did it. They’re helpers, like firemen.” The Gremlin, however, caught us both off guard.

“How about the dead guy on the couch? Maybe he made the man really ouchy.”

“Ummmmmmm, he’s the man who got really ouchy.”

“Oh, what about that alive guy walking over him?”

Favorite Toy of the Week: Penguin Stocking

I’m Not Up Late, You’re Up Late!

The Gremlin has taken after his father (because he hasn’t seemed to at all before now).

About an hour after putting the Gremlin to bed, I was happily watching Chuck the other night when I noticed that the hall – usually dark – had a sliver of light shining on the carpet.

I was approaching the hallway and my foot creaked on the floor when the light disappeared all the way. The door squeaked firmly shut, and the handle clicked in. When I attempted to open the door, it seemed stuck unless you gave it a bit of a push, in which case it seemed like there was a 4 year-old on the other side putting all his hefty 35 pound body weight against the door to hold it closed.

So, an hour after his bedtime, the Gremlin had gotten up, turned on his light and decided to build a Lego fire station inside his Spider-Man umbrella.

Apparently, it was necessary for not only his stuffed animals to assist, but also his entire platoon of Billy Blaze firefighter Rescue Heroes. (Oh, and it’s even better writing this with the Gremlin here, because he can tell me that I missed one.)

Apparently once the cabal was assembled he thought he had marshaled enough force to retake: his prized Halloween Candy. If only the dreaded Daddy hadn’t interrupted just before the surgical strike (which most likely involved scaling the book case in the dining room).

I wasn’t sure what I was more proud of – that he was planning a strike to get his candy back, or the fact that he had the guts to turn his bedroom light on and prepare for it.

Sent back to bed to contemplate his strategy, the Gremlin was left with his own thoughts (such as getting so excited the firemen stopped right outside his house this morning), and was fast asleep within seconds.

Favorite Toy of the Week: Lego Architecture Series: John Hancock Building

Putting It All Together

It was the Gremlin’s birthday yesterday, and the combination of the Gremlin getting everything he wanted and sugar resulted in a situation similar to this. The Mother and Father of the Gremlin, having to clean up the aftermath of the Little Engine That Could Consume Sugar, we failed to have time to wrap all the presets that were shipped. One such present was a balance bike from Aunt Jessica and Uncle Zach.

The Gremlin saw this bike and began jumping and shouting his excitement. So much so, the MOTG tried to put it together. The Gremlin had several thoughts on this, but only one that was voiced.

“Momma, I think we should wait for daddy.”
 “I’m pretty sure I can do it, buddy, there are only three parts to it.”

“See, momma? You should have waited for daddy!”

When I returned home and was able to take a look, it was apparent the MOTG was extremely close, and just not familiar with the method the assembly team on the balance bike was familiar with. This was not as apparent to the Gremlin

“Oh thank you daddy! You saved the day!”

He continued this throughout the next few days as he’d tell people

“My daddy made this bike for me because my momma couldn’t do it.”

Some Space Needle related pictures

As well as the Gremlin working one of the cameras they have available on top of the Needle

And a video of how ridiculously happy the Gremlin is at parks

Favorite Toy Of The Week: Lego Fire Rescue Sets (and, of course, the balance bike)