Shadow Puppets Are An Art

After both a Curious George and a Cat In The Hat (Knows A Lot About That) episode played back to back featuring shadow puppets, we played a game this week where we asked the Gremlin to make his own.

As you can see, the Gremlin tired of this after the fifth or sixth time we asked him to do so (and only remembered to record him the last time), but he then occupied himself with the two puppies there, and how awesome it was that with a little preparation they could bite and he wouldn’t feel it.

From RemyAndCliquot
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Favorite Toy of the Week: Assorted Coloring Books


Picture Update

The Gremlin recently went to visit some furry new friends
And I think they tuckered him out

 The Gremlin hasn’t had too much going on recently, but this weekend should provide ample video opportunities as he is getting more and more vocal. Until then, we leave you with the Gremlin reading Good Night Chicago

Favorite Toy of the Week: Lego Pirate Ship

Timing is Everything

The Gremlin received a new bed from his grandparents (quote upon receiving the bed, “I can actually move around now! Thank you papa and grandma!”) and now wakes up every morning at 5:45am and jumps on said bed until he wakes up the Mother and Father of the Gremlin. This is only marginally better than his last system of laying in his cramped bed singing.

We have since instituted a new system where we encourage the Gremlin to get up in the morning, get a few books and sit quietly. Ever since, we’ve found the Gremlin doing various other things. The first morning he was found sitting in bed with two books. The second morning he had migrated to the floor and was quite taken with his trains. The third morning he was nude and under his high chair.

That day we came up with a new plan for fear of having a full on Vegas-style party the next morning. We began setting the TV to his favorite morning channel (Quobo) and turning the TV off so that it would turn on to that channel.

Since then he has decided that it’s ‘his channel’ and asks for it throughout the day (especially when he knows he’s getting on the MOTG’s nerves). Recently, he’s found a show called 3-2-1 Penguins! which he has declared (much like Curious George and the color green) to be ‘his favorite.’

He was discussing this with the MOTG one morning and asked if he could watch 3-2-1 Penguins! every day. The MOTG, attempting to limit his TV time, stated that she didn’t know when it was on (similar to limiting his trips to ‘the train mall’ by telling him it’s closed). He got ‘the look’ again and turned to the MOTG, exasperated at having to explain this whole thing out.

“Well what time is it now, momma?”

The Hoarding of the Fruit (Snacks)

The Gremlin is known for hoarding food in his room. I’m not sure if this is in preparation for 13 Baktun, or just a rainy day. The other day he was “making Mommy margaritas” and had a bag of limes in there (which, once discovered, the Mother of the Gremlin promptly raided so she could make margaritas).

Well, it so happens that our dear little foodie is such a terror at the grocery store that the only way we have found to keep him even semi-tame is to allow him one food treat he can buy and take home.

What the treat is usually depends on the area of the store he is in when he remembers he is usually allowed a treat. The other day, that happened to be right by the fruit snacks. This semi-gelatinous goodness had been a long-time favorite of the Gremlin’s, and it was even easier for him this time – they had Curious George fruit snacks, on sale.

After overcoming his initial paroxysm of delight, he happily clutched the box all the way to the checkout. And through the checkout (throwing such a fit the cashier was even acting timidly while using the hand-scanner on it…). And to the car.

Once the MOTG was finally parked, she wrested the box away from the tiny, vice-like paws of the Gremlin and was about to put it in one of her bags when she noticed it was a bit light. She turned to the Gremlin.

“Buddy, how many packages of fruit snacks did you get out of the box?”

“I ate two, momma, and put the third away for later.” The MOTG did the math in her head.

“Wait, how many did you eat?”

“Two, momma!”

“Where did the third one go?” The Gremlin avoided making eye contact, trying not to tell the MOTG. But she pressed again. “Buddy. Where is the other package?”

“In my pants.” The MOTG rolled her eyes. She flipped his coat off to the side and felt around in his pocket. Nothing. She turned the other pocket inside out. Still nothing.

“Buddy, do you remember what daddy says about lying?” He knew the answer to this one, and answered with enthusiasm.

“It’s bad!”

“That’s right buddy, so I want you to tell me where the last package of fruit snacks is.”

“Momma, it’s in my pants.”

“I just looked in your pants.”

“No, momma, ” the Gremlin laughed, thinking about how silly his mother was being, “not there. In my pants.”

The MOTG got the idea, and gave a little tug on each side of his hips. The Gremlin’s cargo pants dropped to the floor and the package of fruit snacks slid over to his mother’s foot. He reached down and picked it up.

“Momma, I share that with you.”

“No, thanks, buddy. You can go ahead and have it.”

“Oh, thank you momma, I’m so happy!”

So the MOTG loaded up her bags, and started off, the Gremlin contentedly munching on his fruit snacks. As she walked down the street to the condo, cars honked and whistled as they went by. Not seeing any cars in the middle of the road, or accidents, the MOTG shrugged it off and called for the Gremlin to keep up. Suddenly, she was disturbed by a man running up behind her.

“Excuse me, ma’am?” The MOTG turned to face this new obstacle between her and her lunch. (Funny how they both get really cranky when they don’t eat.)

“I think your son is having some issues with his pants.” The MOTG turned to look, and saw the Gremlin was still doing his best to keep up with her, running as best he could. It seems that, unburdened by the added bulk the single package of fruit snacks added to the Gremlin’s waistline, his pants had fallen to the sidewalk, and were beginning to come down and turn inside out over his shoes. Apparently the cars had been honking due to the miniature waddling pictures of Thomas and Friends on our son’s tighty-whities.

The MOTG took this in for a minute and then put all her groceries down, but the Gremlin strode past her.

“Momma, hurry up! I want McDonald’s!” He hadn’t said anything because he wanted to go get lunch as much as his mother had. And he rocked the Thomas undies proudly.

It’s A New Generation…

I still remember my first computer – this awesome IBM with an orange-print screen. We set it up in the family room and I was allowed to mess around with it while my dad wasn’t working on it.

The Gremlin is growing up with computers, and it was bound to happen that he was going to pick them up earlier than I did, I just thought he was going to be able to … oh, I don’t know … spell first. Apparently that’s not an issue to the wiles of the Gremlin.

This morning, while the Mother of the Gremlin was making coffee in her beloved Bodum Brazil 8-Cup (34-Ounce) Coffee Press, the Gremlin was begging her to let him play on – his favorite site to interact with shows like Curious George or Caillou (I’d never heard of him either). The MOTG agreed that as soon as the coffee was ready, she’d get the computer there and play with him.

The Gremlin decided this wasn’t fast enough, and climbed up to his mother’s netbook. When the MOTG came over to her computer, she was amazed to see the Gremlin already playing the Curious George game.

“Buddy, how did you do that?”
“Shhhhhh, momma!” the Gremlin was intent on his game. Once he finished it, she closed out the browser.
“Can you show me how you did that?”

The Gremlin looked up at his mother – considering pulling his “how I do what?” trick again, but realized he’s already shown he could get to it. So he put his finger on the touch pad, opened up an internet browser, clicked the URL space, hit the ‘p’ button, and scrolled down to (and he still claims he can’t read).

“So momma, I can play another game now?”
Update: The Gremlin decided he wanted to play on my laptop, so I took video of it. And no, that’s not Arrested Development – Season One playing in the background. Okay, ‘Maebe’ it is….


I suppose it was inevitable, with a father who worked in IT, for the Gremlin to start picking up on computer terms, but a few weeks ago, the Gremlin entered a whole new world: the internet. He walked up to his mother the other day and said:

“I want to go to”My wife was so astounded that she booted up the computer and went to the site, where the Gremlin was able to play games featuring characters like Clifford and Curious George. Now it’s a regular occurrence for the child to have ‘internet time’ with mommy.