Timing is Everything

The Gremlin received a new bed from his grandparents (quote upon receiving the bed, “I can actually move around now! Thank you papa and grandma!”) and now wakes up every morning at 5:45am and jumps on said bed until he wakes up the Mother and Father of the Gremlin. This is only marginally better than his last system of laying in his cramped bed singing.

We have since instituted a new system where we encourage the Gremlin to get up in the morning, get a few books and sit quietly. Ever since, we’ve found the Gremlin doing various other things. The first morning he was found sitting in bed with two books. The second morning he had migrated to the floor and was quite taken with his trains. The third morning he was nude and under his high chair.

That day we came up with a new plan for fear of having a full on Vegas-style party the next morning. We began setting the TV to his favorite morning channel (Quobo) and turning the TV off so that it would turn on to that channel.

Since then he has decided that it’s ‘his channel’ and asks for it throughout the day (especially when he knows he’s getting on the MOTG’s nerves). Recently, he’s found a show called 3-2-1 Penguins! which he has declared (much like Curious George and the color green) to be ‘his favorite.’

He was discussing this with the MOTG one morning and asked if he could watch 3-2-1 Penguins! every day. The MOTG, attempting to limit his TV time, stated that she didn’t know when it was on (similar to limiting his trips to ‘the train mall’ by telling him it’s closed). He got ‘the look’ again and turned to the MOTG, exasperated at having to explain this whole thing out.

“Well what time is it now, momma?”