The Meaning of Thanksgiving

The Gremlin, the Pickle, and their mother were driving to ‘Lego Mania’ at the library today when the Pickle noticed something odd about the weekday.

“Momma why Gremlin no school?”

“Oh, Pickle, it’s Thanksgiving break. He doesn’t have school today.”

“Ok, Gremlin school Thursday, ok?” The Mother of the Pickle thought this was very odd, not only due to the Pickle’s use of “Thursday” so specifically.

“Well, no, Thursday is Thanksgiving.”

“No! No thanks! Art class! Pippy art class, Gremlin school!” After the Pickle responded to his mother, the Gremlin perked up at this. If art class was so much fun, he had to try!

“I want to go to art class!” After the Gremlin said this, the Pickle became very upset.

“No! Teacher Annie say no!”

“Pickle, Thanksgiving is the day we celebrate the thinks we are thankful for – or the things we really like.”

“Pippy thankful art class, without Gremlin!” The MOTP frantically came up with something to try and distract both children.

“But Thanksgiving is when we eat turkey!”

“Oh, turkey! Gobble gobble! I Martin turkey, the wild turkey! Gobble gobble!”