I’M TELLING! Oh, wait…

The Gremlin had his 7th birthday party on Sunday. We had previously been able to avoid any type of multi-child party by offering him one big gift, a trip, or a party with friends and until now he’d passed on the party with friends.

That changed this year, however, and somehow we were sucked into corralling 16 six and seven year-olds into a big room full of jumpy houses. Because for some reason we thought that winding them up and then giving them sugar in the form of cake and M&M prizes would be a good idea.

During this time two of the Gremlin’s friends – we’ll call them Ricky and Jason – were wrestling in one of the aforementioned bouncy houses. Jason got a little carried away, and with that became a bit too rough for Ricky. It bubbled over on one particular tackle, and Ricky finally lost it.

“Ow Jason! That hurt! I’m telling!” and he popped up and looked around. Not seeing any adults in the vicinity, he protested to nobody, and ran off after the group. Jason was confused.

“Did you tell on me?” Jason asked worriedly.

“No, I couldn’t find anyone!”


Loving Brothers

Getting a new bunk bed for the Pickle has been an interesting adaptation. He hasn’t yet figured out he can get up whenever he wants, but the MOTP and I are okay with that. The other interesting thing is that everyone now has easy access to the Pickle when he’s asleep on the bottom bunk.

We sent the Gremlin to bed a few nights ago, and when we went in to tuck him in we found him laying in the bottom bunk cuddling his brother saying, “Oh, Pickle. I love you. You’re really are the cutest little Pickle and I love you so much.”

He looked up at us and said, “Yeah, I love him. I think we can keep him.”