The Gremlin Has A Plan

“Momma, I have decided.”

“What have you decided?”

“What I want for my birthday.”

“Oh? And what’s that?”

“It’s going to be in the Lego store!”

“Yeah, that’s what we planned.”

“In the Mall of America!”

“Oh, um, buddy, that’s pretty far away. That would be a really expensive party.”

“I know, but it’s already all Chima, so you wouldn’t have to spend money on decorations.”

“Yeah, but it would still be really expensive.”

“Well, okay, I guess the party could just be me, you, daddy, Pickle, Uncle, and that one girl. You know, the one who tells the stories?”


“No, theĀ little one.”


“Yeah! Her. Well, and Rory. He just loves Legos so much. And he’s already been to Chicago so he knows how to get there.”

“But the Mall of America isn’t in Chicago.”

“Yeah, but he can drive there. You know, with us in our car.”

“Buddy, we are not driving there – it would take several days. Last time we flew into Chicago, and then drove up and it still took us a day.”

“Oh, right. Dang. Okay, then how about the pool?”

Lending a Helping Hand

One of the funnier situations I have seen also came out during the carnival, a situation I hope repeats itself frequently in the future. The Gremlin was having trouble at the carnival – he really wanted a boomerang, but was unable to beat the game giving that as a prize. He was trying to roll a bowling ball down a hill and get it to stop at the top of a second smaller hill without going down the other side.

The Gremlin could not beat the game. Each round you received five tries. The Gremlin was so determined to beat this, he went through four rounds (20 total tries). He was on the verge of tears when the Pickle finally stepped up to the plate.

“Is okay, brubber, I do.” And he marched up to the ball and pushed.

The bowling ball didn’t move. He pushed again, and it still did not move.

“Why no work?” The Mother of the Pickle walked over.

“Do you want some help?” The Pickle nodded, and the MOTP pushed just enough for the Pickle to continue shoving the ball down the hill, where it rolled perfectly on top of the second hill and stopped. He grabbed a boomerang and handed it to his brother, then turned around.

“Oh-KAY, now Pippy need one.”

Too Cute For His Own Good

There was a carnival today at one of the local parks, where the Gremlin and the Pickle went today to spend one of the fleeting days of summer. Unfortunately, however, the Pickle discovered he was cute. While at the carnival, the Gremlin continued to play fair and by stymied by the stacked game set. The Pickle, however, realized that if success meant knocking down the bottles and returning the ball to the feeder, that getting the ball in the feeder was the same thing.

So the Pickle would just throw the ball, not at the lifted target farther away, but at the ball feeder at the bottom set up if you actually got a successful hit. The girl working the booth was struck by the intelligence and the cuteness of the Pickle.

“Well, that’s not usually how we do it, but okay!”

“I WIN!” The Pickle yelled, holding his arms up in the air. She led him back to get a prize, and he immediately grabbed the three he wanted and turned around.

“I bad,” he said.

“What?” the confused attendant replied.

“I want three. I take three. I bad.”

“Oh! Well… oh… you can have three.”


She did not understand that we don’t want him growing up like that, or he’s going to start expecting everyone to do that for him…

Gremlin quote of the night (while holding a wallaby), “Wow mom, I thought this was going to be lame, but it ISN’T!”