He’s Driving Already

Apparently Touch-A-Truck is a thing, so much so that there is another version held in the fall up at the mall near us. Well, once the Gremlin heard about this, he had to check it out.

In a UPS truck, “acting like a package”

The Gremlin was having fun going through all the trucks – his favorite is the SWAT truck, where he was able to stick his head out the armored roof

The Gremlin in the SWAT truck

It was immediately after this the Gremlin again instigated trouble. He went on to the next truck, a moving truck, and climbed into the back where they had the ramp down, blankets out, and various moving gear laying around to play with. He played there and met another boy about his age, and the two of them began to go through every little bit of equipment and using it in every possible way. And then the Gremlin and his friend went to the cab of the moving truck.

Immediately before the ‘instigation’

The Mother of the Gremlin stepped back to take her numerous pictures, and the Gremlin and his friend began playing. With the Gremlin directing, the two boys began playing every which way they could. They played with all the equipment, including the brakes. Unfortunately, and I’m light on the details of this one, if you manage to hit both the emergency brake release at the same time as the actual brake and gas pedals, the truck can start. (this is according to the guy driving said truck. He also said it’s so difficult he has never been able to successfully do this, though he’s tried many times).

Anyway, the moving van – with several kids playing in the back – was now started and torquing up through first gear as it slowly trundled ahead. Fortunately the aforementioned SWAT team was immediately adjacent to the truck, and the Gremlin saw them all jump into action to grab the truck and try to keep it from moving. The SWAT team yelled, and the Mother of the Gremlin took up the call,

“Gremlin! Jump out!”

“No way! This is AWESOME!” The SWAT team heard his name and began to encourage him as well, so the Gremlin finally jumped out and allowed an officer to jump in and stop the car.

It reminds me of that scene in Back to the Future:

Where Michael J Fox is talking to his uncle (who is a baby in a crib) and says: “Better get used to these bars, kid.”