Birthday Update

Now I’m not saying that there was a child on a sugar rush, but….

might have led to

Why Always At The Park?

Thankfully, I can finally write a story about the Gremlin that doesn’t involve him injuring another child. This time it was his friend! He hangs with a good crowd…

For several days we have been concentrating on the Gremlin’s eating habits. He has been complaining and uncooperative. Well, even more so than a normal 5 year-old. The last time this happened it was due to the Gremlin’s sleep habits so this time we reviewed his daily routine. Finding the rail-thin terror was packing in about 100 calories a meal (just kidding, he had to be eating at least 160 calories – exactly one chicken nugget), we began reinforcing meals, as well as snacks in between.

With the improvement in his behavior, other mother’s in the Gremlin’s playgroup have begun doing the same thing. Unfortunately for the Gremlin’s friend Oz this was not implemented in time.

Jay was working on actually drinking liquids during the day (as opposed to, well, not), and while his attitude was improving, he was still a bit irritable and playing by himself. Oz saw this, and being the kind-hearted boy he is, approached his friend.

“Hi Jay! How are you feeling?” Jay looked up with a scowl on his face – a look his mother clearly recognized as she started to get up – and punched Oz straight on the nose. With one toddler down wailing, the mothers swooped in to prevent further fisticuffs.

“Jay! Why did you do that?” Jay, also feeling upset and worn down due to lack of any liquids in his system, also began wailing.

“Because he asked me how I was feeling and I felt like punching him in the face! That was the answer to his question!” Jay’s mother was not incredibly pleased with this line of reasoning and made a demand of Jay

“Say you’re sorry!” Oz took this to heart.

“Jay, I’m sorry for asking you how you felt!”

Feeling Old – Graduation and Birthday

So we’re feeling old this week, the Gremlin has graduated from preschool, and he’s a bit freaked out about it

Just kidding – he’s having fun with it:

It’s really the MOTG who was freaking out – wandering around all week saying “My baby’s graduated and my baby’s turning one!”

So happy birthday today to the Pickles who celebrated by going to the park!

We have an exciting day planned of going to the dog park and eating his first chocolate cupcake.