Green-mouthed With Envy

So the Gremlin had a party the other day, and the Mother of the Gremlin took the Pickle in tow to the Gremlin’s mecca: Jump City. The entire building was a maze of tunnels leading into various bouncy-houses.

Needless to say the Gremlin disappeared for the allotted three hours and was not heard from. The mothers, however, mainly gathered in the party room that had been reserved for the children – we’re not sure why as none of the children actually entered the party room, but we didn’t pay for it so we let it slide. In addition with several other smaller siblings being underfoot, the mother organizing the party was busy shifting food and first aid supplies out to where the children actually were – leaving the room unguarded frequently.

Unfortunately, the cake was also unguarded, and put right at toddler level. The Pickle led the MOTG into the room and pointed at the cake, using his still limited vocabulary to do what he usually does to ask for food. He pulled his pacifier out, pointed to the cake and said, “more?” which actually comes out “muh?!”

The timing was unfortunate at the birthday boy looked over to see his best-friend’s little sister standing over the cake with green frosting caking her lips, and the last bit of the birthday boy’s face (it was a picture cake) disappearing down her throat.

“WHAT HAPPENED TO MY FACE?” The Pickle agreed with the birthday boy’s plaintive scream and scooted over to the little girl, not going after the cake, but bending over to eat the crumbs she dropped on the ground.

And We Thought The Other One Was Smart….

The Pickle is proudly gearing up for his first birthday, and we keep forgetting what the milestones are for early child development. Regardless, we’re pretty sure that this one is more intelligent than the other one, which is a slightly disturbing thought.

For instance, this baby – who is just learning to walk – found an apple at the sprinkler fountain last week. Another family had left it by accident when they departed, and being the foodie that he is, the Pickle picked it up and tried to get the MOTG (MOTP?) to feed it to him. His mother declined

“No, I’m sorry baby, but it’s not clean. I’m not going to feed you something that’s dirty…” The Pickle was disappointed, and headed off… apple in hand. The MOTG and I have had our suspicions for some time on this one’s intelligence, so she watched the Pickle wander around until he saw the water fountain, and go wash the apple in the water fountain.

He then brought it back over to the MOTG with his plaintive question noise: “Unnnnh?” It might have been the intelligence, might have been the adorability factor, or it might have been the fact that the Pickle now screeches like he’s dying when we say no, but at this point his mother relented and sliced it up for him.

Side Note On Your Head! HAHA!

The game of “<something> on your head, haha!” originally started by his cousin Sam is very funny when it’s a baby putting a pot on his head, or a train, or something similar.

I have been informed by the Mother of the Pickle that this is not quite as funny when the item in question is an open-faced jelly sandwich…


Cashing In

So the Gremlin has started losing his teeth. Aside of the moaning and wailing of school and the troubles of being 5 years old, the Gremlin has also realized that he needs money to get the things he wants. He has since devised a plan to help bring more cash flow.

“So, mumma, I need help with this,” as the Gremlin handed his mother a sheet.

“What, did you have an accident in bed?”

“Oh, no mumma, I need that to be a net. I’ll get the scissors, but I need you to cut it for me.”

“Why do you need a net?”

“Because I’m going to wait until the tooth fairy comes, and catch her! Then I can take all her money. I think while I have her I will draw a picture of her so I can remember what she looks like. That way I can catch her again when I run out of money.”