Neighborhood Rescue

(This story is actually from back in the fall – the last time Uncle Zach visited)

I’m constantly reminded how blessed we were to be able to end up in this specific neighborhood. The other day the Gremlin received his first kite, courtesy of his Uncle Zach. We traveled up to the largest open area I could think of – “Dragon Park” up the street – and began to set it up. The kite happened to be in the shape of Darth Vader’s head, and the Gremlin was extremely excited to see people’s reaction to the kite actually lifting off.

“I think they’ll see Darth Vader, think he’s coming, be scared and run away!”

The kite lifted up in the brisk wind and several children and adults watched and enjoyed it. The Gremlin took several turns, and was running back and forth every time the kite would dip down, when the inevitable happened. The kite took a cross-breeze and went straight into the tree. The wail went up like a siren, the Gremlin was now distraught.

We headed over to take a look, and the kite was definitely enmeshed between several branches. After taking a look for a few minutes, we decided to head home and see if our neighbors had a ladder. We had just left the gate when we were approached by a man with his children in tow.

“Do you need some help?” The Gremlin looked up at him.

“Yeah! It’s stuck! Can you get it down?” The man smiled knowingly and went to his truck across the street where he pulled out two sets of pool-cleaning supplies – the kind with the extra-extendible handles. He was heading over when another woman emerged from her house.

“Oh, let me help!” She pulled out a small folding ladder and was bringing it over when the garage door opened from the house across the street and another family brought out a huge extending ladder.

With half the block out to help, the kite was quickly extracted from the tree and given back to the Gremlin, who thanked everybody while hugging Darth Vader’s head.

Favorite Toy of the Week: Darth Vader Kite

Christmas For Babies

The Gremlin has recently become concerned that the Pickle will not receive any gifts from Santa.

“Mom I have the perfect idea for a present for brother and it’s really important that I get him something great because no one’s going to get him any presents.”

“Why won’t he get any presents?”

“Because mom, let’s face it: he’s a baby. He won’t! So I’m going to get him something great – a moose!”

“You mean a stuffed moose?”

“No a real moose! And it’ll be so fun for us to play with because he’ll give us moosey-back rides!”

The Gremlin and the Pickle in their matching jammies (by request of the Gremlin)

What Makes a Family? (A 5 Year-Old Perspective)

The Mother of the Gremlin has had many late nights with the Pickle, which occasionally wakes up his roommate the Gremlin. This usually results in some half-awake quality time.

“Hey buddy, can we cuddle – is there room for your brother in there?”
“Of course there is, mumma! See aren’t we all just one happy family?”
“Aren’t we forgetting someone?”
“Who? I don’t want any more brothers or sisters!”
“What about daddy?”
“Oh yeah, that guy!”

A few minutes later…

“Mumma, remember that time I forgot daddy? That was so silly.”
“Buddy, that was a few minutes ago.”
“Pickle, remember the time I forgot daddy? That was so silly!”

Favorite Toy of the Week: Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar

And He Says He Doesn’t Like His Brother…

The Pickle is in Chicago! That’s right ladies and gentlemen – give the Mother of the Gremlin a call and you could be featured in one of these stories. Of you could say hi to the MOTG, Gremlin, and meet the Pickle. That works too. Anyway, on to the story…

I have heard people refer to ‘pregnancy brain’ recently, and while I believe the complex set of hormones released by pregnancy does affect short term memory, I also think there is ‘new child brain.’ The Mother of the Gremlin experienced this the other day, when she was at home and thought she lost the Pickle. Being the protective brother he is, the Gremlin did not take this news well.

“WHAT?! I knew it would happen! We never should have left! This is AWFUL! Mumma, you need to go to timeout and think about what you did!” He stalked off and began looking around the house. After poking around the living room and kitchen he passed the MOTG again.

“You need to call daddy! He will come home and find him!” And he stalked off again into his room. He came out a few seconds later.

“Oh mumma, you didn’t lose brother, you just forgot where you put him! But when daddy comes home I have to talk to him about this, because it’s not okay.” The Pickle was still in his crib, asleep.

Favorite Toy of the Week: Star Wars Legos Asajj Ventress

Deciding To Move to the Fire Station

The Gremlin’s preschool class was taking a field trip out to the last fire station in Seattle with a fire pole – one of the children’s father worked there – and the Gremlin decided he was going to dress himself.

“Mumma, I want to wear my fire boots and coat.”
“Sure buddy.”
“Great. If you don’t see me at the park after school, don’t worry – I’m living at the fire station.”
“I’m sorry, what?”
“Right before we leave I’m going to ask if I can go potty, then when I come out I’m not going to go back to school, I’m going to go to the kitchen and sit down. Since I’m wearing my coat and my boots, they’ll think I’m a fireman too and won’t notice.”

Favorite Toy of the Week: Playmobil Pirate Island

The Gremlin Playa

“Maya, someday you are going to meet your Prince Charming and get married like that.”
“Oh Momma, I already met him and his name is Prince AJ.”

Talking to the Gremlin about the new love interest.
“Buddy, why do you like Maya?”
“Because she’s different than the other girls, Mumma”
“Why is that? Is it her skin color?” (Maya happens to be African-American)
“What? No.”
“Is it her hair?”
“Uh, no!”
“Why, then?”
“Because she doesn’t wear dresses like the other girls. Dresses are so lame!”

On the Third Day of Christmas…

The Mother of the Gremlin and I gave the Gremlin his present early this year – the Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar. We thought this would be a fun way to build up to Christmas, but still allow him to get small toys and not get frustrated waiting for all his toys, and then overwhelmed the day of. We failed to realize how incredibly excited the Gremlin would be on an hourly basis. The first two days built excitement to the third day, when the MOTG woke up for the early feeding of the Pickle, the Gremlin was waiting.

“Mumma, is it morning?” His speech grew faster and faster. “Iseesunlight,it’smorningisn’tit?”

The MOTG looked at the clock. 6:59am.

“Well, I guess.”

“Youguesswhat? Isitmorning?! ISIT?!”

“Yes, buddy, it is morning.”

“IT’SDAYTHREE!” And he bolted over to his table in the living room where his advent calendar was sitting.

“Would you like me to turn a lamp on for you?”

“THERE’S NO TIME!” Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip. The perforations and some of the cardboard gave way. “Oh, it’s so cool, it’s exactly what I wanted!”

“What is it, buddy?”

“I have no idea but it’s Star Wars Legos! It’s too dark, I can’t see the instructions!”

“Here, let me turn the lamp on.”

“You’re taking too long – I will figure it out!”


Favorite Toy of the Week: Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar