Pickle Posting!

I had thought it would take longer to get a story just about the Pickle, however the other day the Pickle went in for his three-month checkup. It has been about 5 years since we’ve had a child this young, and the Mother of the Gremlin and I can’t claim we were looking at his motor skills and development as much as marveling how much quieter he was than his brother – ie did not have colic and reflux.

At this point, however, the Pickle was able to hold his head up, and hold things to/from his mouth. Our wonderful family doctor sat down to take a look, which entertained the Pickle to no end. He allowed all of the pulls, pokes, and prods without complaint, and continued to stare after Dr. Friedman turned to address the Mother of the Gremlin.

This, however, was not okay with the Pickle, and he decided to get the good doctor’s attention. He pulled out his pacifier, and immediately shoved it in the doctors mouth. He then began laughing hysterically.

The doctor looked at the MOTG and said through the pacifier still in his mouth

“Well that has to be about the cutest thing ever.”

Favorite Toy of the Week: bicycle handlebar attachment

Empathy and the Gremlin

Brothers are a surprisingly polarizing issue. On one hand you tend to engage with parents, couples who want to have kids, and random people who think your baby is cute. The other type of people you meet are people who were traumatized by their sibling – older or younger.

A few weeks ago – before the arrival of the Pickle – the Gremlin was at the Woodland Park Zoo for one of their many child-friendly events. Some themed variation of this event occurs about every month or so, and the employees and planners at the zoo have throwing this type of event down pat. Among other things, they have ‘healthy’ freebies in various tables around the main entrance.

The Gremlin, also having this routine down, meandered up to the table that held the more healthy approximation of fruit roll-ups, and held out his hand. The wonderful employees the zoo has working these events was more than happy to oblige the Gremlin, and dropped one in his bag. By that time, the Mother of the Gremlin managed to move her obviously pregnant self over to herd the Gremlin away when the employee engaged the Gremlin with a sorrowful tone.

“Oh you’re going to be a big brother, huh?” The Gremlin nodded sadly.

The man looked around, picked up a handful of fruit roll-ups, and dumped them in the Gremlin’s bag.

“I’m sorry man!” The Gremlin nodded somberly and walked away.

Favorite Toy of the Week: “Franc” the teething giraffe (for the Pickle, but it allows the Gremlin to play more than watch his brother, so it’s always the first thing he grabs)

Brothers watching Curious George together in the morning

Happy Thanksgiving!

The Gremlin and the Pickle are thankful for you, and hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!

The Gremlin and the Pickle Enjoying Thanksgiving

Wisdom of a 5 Year-Old – At the Checkout At the Supermarket
“How are you today, little man?”
“I’m great because I see you guys have beer!”
“I’m sorry?”
“My daddy’s watching football, and we all know you can’t watch football without beer, so I’m glad you have beer!”

And We’re Back!

After a short hiatus, now that at least one person in our house is getting regular sleep again (haha, and by one person, I mean the Gremlin), updates are abound.

The Gremlin started school, but had to enjoy everyone’s favorite vetting: vaccinations!

“You’re going to have such a good time at school, buddy!”

“I’d better, I had to get two shots in the leg for this. This school had better be awesome!”

“I’m sure it will be fun, and it looks like you’ve recovered already.” The Gremlin looked down and sees he is standing on both legs.

“No I haven’t!” And he dropped as if his weight was suddenly unsupported.

It seems at school he started growing up without us right away. After his first day of school the Mother of the Gremlin tried to make it special for him.

“I packed a special picnic for us!”

“Aw, shoot mom, I already have plans.”

“Oh really? What are they?”

“I’m going to go hang with my friends. You can wait over there with the other moms.”
Pickle Development Update

The Pickle is rolling over, back to front and front to back with good head control. This means everyone’s favorite time: he gets to eat real food! We’ve only had to do 5 loads of laundry in the last 2 days…

Favorite Toy of the Week:
The Pickle