Sleepless Outside Seattle

The Gremlin has grown very attached to “Lickey,” the stuffed 101 Dalmatian’s Lucky that has been re-named because the Gremlin’s “comes alive at night and licks him.” On his recent trip to Chicago, the Gremlin left Lickey back in Seattle. This was becoming so traumatic that the Mother of the Gremlin stopped off at the Disney store, just to see if there was one there.

Upon arriving at the store, the Gremlin found only one stuffed dalmatian left. He bolted up to it and shouted.
“Lickey, I can’t believe it! You followed me here from Seattle! I have been missing you! I am so happy!” With the stuffed animal under his arm, the Gremlin headed for the door. The MOTG tried to stop him.
“Buddy, we have to pay for that.” The Gremlin was perplexed at this idea.
“Are you kidding me?! This is MY dog.  I’m not paying for my own dog!” The Gremlin was herded into line with much protest. He continued to complain and grumble, so when they reached the front of the line, the cashier was curious what was going on. After the MOTG explained the situation, the cashier was nice enough to play along. She looked at the Gremlin and tried to help explain.
“Don’t worry we are only charging you for his travel expenses.” The Gremlin’s eyes lit up with understanding.
“Oh, a plane ticket, I get it!”

Favorite Toy of the Week: Lego Bionicle

Still Playing Politics with the Easter Bunny

The Gremlin was at the doctor’s office the other day when he saw another mother and child coming into the office. The mother and her newborn were bundled up for the chilly Seattle morning, and the Gremlin noticed something interesting.

“Momma, I think that baby is silly.”

“Why do you think that?”

“Because I think it’s a silly hat.” The Mother of the Gremlin looked over and saw the baby was wearing a bunny hat – white with floppy ears, pastel blue eyes and a pink nose. “I think it’s silly to look like the Easter Bunny!”

“Well, it is an Easter hat, buddy,” the MOTG informed him. The Gremlin stopped dead in his tracks. He slowly looked up at the mother of the newborn, who was sitting back enjoying this conversation.

“He must have gotten a lot of stuff for Easter!”

“Well, he did get three Easter baskets.” The Gremlin, fully charged at this news, turned to the MOTG.


“Buddy, it’s a baby’s hat.” The Gremlin sighed, relieved.

“That’s okay – we’re getting a baby.”

And a Chicago picture update of the Gremlin in Legoland

Favorite Toy of the Week: Lego Bionicles

Mean Streak

We’ve recently found that the Gremlin has gotten significantly better with sharing. He will now share willingly with his friends, and doesn’t get upset about the Mother of the Gremlin asking him to share with strange kids (though we usually have to encourage him significantly).

He was being so nice that we were surprised when some rather disturbing imagery bubbled up. The MOTG took the Gremlin over to the doctor’s office to get his final boosters. When the nurse entered the room with the needle he started.

“She had better not try to stick me with that or I will stab her in the face!” We were lucky enough to have a seasoned veteran who burst out laughing at the threats of the 4 year-old, however she still tried to talk to him about it.

“Oh, sweetie, it’s not going to hurt! It will be really quick and you won’t feel it at all.”

The Gremlin looked at the MOTG.

“We’ll see if it doesn’t hurt when she gets stabbed in the face.”

Favorite Toy of the Week: Darth Maul Lightsaber