Playing Politics with the Easter Bunny

So the Gremlin decided to go out on Saturday, and visit a few of the neighborhood easter bunnies.
We arrived at the local community center and he immediately insisted on having his picture taken with the easter bunny. he stood as far away as physically possible, and was not at all pleased about the picture.
He wasn’t pleased about the hand on his back either
However once that was completed, he proceeded to continue and enjoy himself – searching for eggs, getting his face painted, and having a ‘grand old time.’
Grand Old Time
On the way home, he saw another egg hunt and wanted to stop. There again, he proceeded directly to the easter bunny and demanded another picture – keeping as far away as possible while being able to ensure a photo would occur.
Again, notice the facial expression.
And immediately after, he jumped up and ran off to have fun.

On the way home, we asked him about the pictures he stated he, “wanted to make sure the easter bunny thinks we’re good buddies so he’ll bring me lots of stuff tomorrow.” He’s going to play office politics like a pro – and reap the rewards:

Golden Locks of Danger

Being the incredibly responsible parents we are, the Gremlin visited Krispy Kreme yesterday, and proved once again that I’m going to need to stock up on weapons to defend myself once the Gremlin gets old enough to break hearts.

While the Mother of the Gremlin was getting a half-dozen original glazed, the Gremlin was again, not standing in line but up at the counter in the front. He had seen his kryptonite: chocolate glaze.

One of the younger female workers noticed the Curls of Cuteness and paused at the counter. The Gremlin, pointing and talking about the chocolate glazed donut, paused and looked up.

“Man I love chocolate donuts. You’re really pretty!” And he bounced his curls for emphasis.


We saw the Gremlin walk away from the counter and crawl up into a booth, but having his back to us, we didn’t realize he’d manage to score his chocolate glaze until he turned around and we saw the mustache (see profile picture for an idea of what that looks like).

The kid really needs a haircut…

Favorite Toy of the Week: Big Brown Box (due to several unfortunate home repairs, the Gremlin now has a brand new water heater box to play in!)

Trying to Look Like Daddy

The other day the Gremlin decided he wanted to “look more like Daddy.” This was during the course of a normal conversation (if you can have a normal conversation with a 4 year-old), and he didn’t bring it up again so we thought it was not anything to think about.

Unfortunately, the mind of a child is still something we’re trying to figure out, and a while later, he emerged from his room with pen marks all over his face. Each mark was a small dash, no more than a centimeter in length. All were horizontal and they were grouped mostly around his mouth, but some led back up his jaw to his ear.

The Gremlin had used a pen to draw himself facial hair.

After a short discussion where we encouraged the Gremlin to not write on himself, the Mother of the Gremlin was getting frustrated by the all-encompassing knowledge of the 4 year-old.

“But buddy, I don’t even know if that will come off!” The Gremlin had already thought of this, though, and provided another classic view of the world.

“Sure it will, I just have to shave!”

Favorite Toy of the Week: General Grievous action figure