So I realized a few weeks ago that I made a 2010 New Year’s Resolution to update this blog on a regular schedule and was going to try for once a week, and it’s now 2011. I was feeling a bit burned out, so I’m probably going to roll back to the once a week schedule, but that depends on The Gremlin, and when he decides to surprise us.

(above: the Gremlin sulking because he felt the bus was taking too long)

Which happened the other day – the Gremlin was coloring at the table while the Mother of the Gremlin was making her weekly rounds through the ads delivered in the mail. The Gremlin was watching her, and asked about different notations.

“Mumma, why do you circle those?”

“That’s what I’m looking at getting this week – if it’s part of a recipe or on sale.”

“Why are there numbers there?”

“So that when I go back through with my list I remember and write down how many I want.”

Later that day in the store, the Gremlin was insistent on bringing both the MOTG’s list and the sale ads. We didn’t figure out why until we got to the juice. When the MOTG put one in the cart, the Gremlin cleared his throat.

“Mumma, did you check your list?”

“Yes, buddy, I got apple.”

“But how many?” And he pulled out the sale ad where he had scrawled a ‘5’ as only a 4 year-old can. He had also done this with the fruit snacks, most of the fruit, and the flavored water the store sold.

 (above: the Gremlin being a Droideka)

Favorite Toy of the Week: General Grevious Action Figure