Wisdom of a 4 Year-Old – On Spelling and Symbols

This came after I’d had a few conversations with the Gremlin about ‘concepts’ and how we assign value to symbols to create language and communication.
“Mom do you know how I’m going to spell my brother’s name?”
“What? And what does that spell?!”
“My brother.”
“Oh really? Is that what that spells?”
“I don’t know, I’m four, I can’t spell.”

And The Baby Is… (According to the Gremlin)

“This is the best worst day ever!”
–Upon finding out the sex of his sibling
And his conversation with the ultrasound technician:
“So what’s being four like?”
“It’s pretty great. You get to wear Transformer pajamas, play with lightsabers, and eat waffles for dinner!”
“What’s the worst part about being four?”
“Having a brother or a sister. I didn’t have to have one when I was three, and I didn’t have to wipe my own butt either! I miss being three.”

Wisdom of a 4 Year-Old – On Tasting Samples

“Well, what do you think? Do you like it?”

“I’m not sure, I think I need another…”

“Here you go. What do you think now?”

“No, I still can’t tell. I need one more.”

“Okay, how about now?”

“Mmmmm, I still can’t tell, but I think I could if I had one more…”

“Okay, here’s a handful.”

“Oh awesome, these things are great!”

“So you do like them?”

“Aw man! Yeah…. I guess….”

Antics and Shenanigans

The Mother of the Gremlin and I frequently enjoy chuckling at situations where the Gremlin acts more mature than his four years would usually indicate, like when he doesn’t hit at the park when kids shove him or when he asks other kids to do his dirty work for him.

There are times the Gremlin will get his hands dirty, though – especially when attempting to create his legend. Such was the case the other day at the Woodland Park Zoo. The Gremlin waited for half of his party to go off in search of directions, and then approached the other half of the party (the MOTG).

“Momma, I need your bag. Thanks. Okay, now don’t watch me.”

He proceeded to hoist the bag over his shoulder and wait until the MOTG wasn’t looking directly at him. The Gremlin then moved around the corner where he found the penguin exhibit, and where one of the curious tuxedo-wearing animals was sitting by the fence.

The Gremlin leaned against the barrier and let the bag drape open.

“Hey! Penguin! Hey, if you get in here, I’ll give you M&Ms! If you do it quick, nobody will know. Promise!”

Favorite Toy of the Week: Black Seas Barracuda (I found my old Legos and put it together over last weekend)

Also, I found a video of the Gremlin playing Star Wars on the Xbox.