Wisdom of a 4 Year Old – On Being Smarter

“Is the baby going to be smarter than you?”
“Gee i hope not – how would I get stuff from him if he was?!”

Scaring For Muffins

The Gremlin was visiting the beach the other day – enjoying time with one of his friends while the Mother of the Gremlin got ‘girl time’ with one of her friends as well.
This particular day in Seattle, it was windy and wild enough to cause huge crashing waves to breach the seawalls and concrete beaches down by the sound. The Gremlin, with his friend Sydney, were both watching the water, munching on their snacks that the MOTG had just baked.
Just after a few particularly spectacular waves breached, the Gremlin turned to his friend.
“Sydney, watch out or those waves will eat your face!” The poor girl froze and looked at the Gremlin out of the corner of her eye, keeping the waves in front of her so she could watch them too. The Gremlin spoke up again.
“You don’t have to be scared, though.” The friend of the Gremlin did not believe him, and ate her muffin for comfort.
On the way home, we spoke to the Gremlin.
“Buddy, why did you tell Sydney that the waves would ‘eat her face?'”
“Because I wanted her to be scared so she’d drop her muffin because I wanted two!”
Favorite Toy of the Week: Star Wars Darth Vader Watch

Wisdom of a 4 Year-Old – On the Value of a Sibling

To a random lady in Target who commented on the Mother of the Gremlin browsing maternity clothes.

“Oh, I love babies. Are you excited about having a sibling?”

“No. But you can trade me some Legos for it.”

“For the baby? Um, I don’t know what Legos you’d want. Sorry!”

“We’re in Target, the Lego aisle is right there! Or you can give me twenty dollars and I’ll get my own. AND you get a baby!”

He’s Becoming a ‘West Coast’ Kid

The Gremlin had yet another exciting trip to the store the other day. He’d gone through the process of shopping with the Mother of the Gremlin, which I can verify is no easy task. While putting his inventory on the conveyor belt he noticed a lack of items that he wanted.

“Mumma! I want five kiwis and five peppers!” The checkout clerk laughed as the MOTG responded.

“Buddy, I don’t think you’re going to eat five.”

“No, mumma! I will!” The clerk was laughing at this point and joined in.

“I bet you won’t eat five peppers.” The Gremlin glared at the intrusion and snatched up a pepper.

“I bet I will! Bell peppers are my favorite!” And with that, he bit into a red bell pepper like it was an apple. The clerk burst out laughing.

“And you can have that one for free.” He looked at the MOTG. “I’ve never seen a kid to that before. Did you just come from the Health Food Market?”

Favorite Toy of the Week: Mandalorian Battle Pack Lego Set

Traveling Takes A Lot Out Of You

I know, I just used ‘a lot’ and it is only partially because of one of the best comics I’ve ever seen.

We were rather specific about the neighborhood we moved into when we came to Seattle. It offered easy access to public transportation, to the highway, to groceries, as well as a downtown area; but mostly it had a ‘neighborhood-y’ feel. People smiled and waved and struck up conversation with everyone they passed on the street. People walked. There were community barbeque’s and movies. It seemed like a great place to raise a kid.

Lo and behold, one of our neighbors has a daughter the same age as the Gremlin, and the two have become friends. Or had, up until the holiday season. It was only when we traveled to LA over the last week of December that we realized the Gremlin hadn’t spent much time with his friend.

“In Seattle I had a friend named Jasper, but I don’t know what happened to her.” Not that I’m jealous, but a trip to Hawaii (paid for by the grandparents – hint, hint!), and then another trip to Canada to see the other grandparents had left the kindred spirits wondering about the other.

The reunion was as heartfelt as it was hilarious, as after only half an hour the Gremlin looked at her and said, “Jasper, I really enjoyed playing with you cause I forgot what you looked like, but now I have to get back to my toys.” And he got up and walked off.

Favorite Toy of the Week: Candyland

PS – the Gremlin has lost ‘Lickey’ (not Lucky, but Lickey because he licks the Gremlin in his sleep), and the Gremlin has since been  complaining of monsters in his room. Another subtle hint to the grandparents 🙂

Wisdom of a 4 Year Old – On Hearing ‘The Big News’

“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I don’t want to be a big brother! This is the worst day of my life!”

The Gremlin began warming up to the idea later when he went in to check the ultrasound. The doctor pointed at the new baby (specifically the arm that was being waved up and down excitedly) and asked the Gremlin if he knew what it was. The Gremlin responded, relieved.

“Yeah it’s his lifesaver. And its a good thing he has his own cause I wasn’t going to share mine.” (Lightsaber)

However, he became the most excited when the tech moved the equipment to try to get a picture of the baby’s face.
“Oh! Its okay, the baby can come now.” The Mother of the Gremlin and the nurse were surprised by this, and asked the Gremlin why. The Gremlin pointed at the ultrasound screen. 
“He is a Star Wars guy!”