Happy Belated Birthday (And Belated Sugar Rush)

So the Gremlin’s week has been full of late presents, the culmination of which came on Wednesday. The Gremlin received Allen Brothers’ Cheesecake Oreo Brownie from his Uncle Thompson.

Upon receiving it, the Gremlin ran in circles through the house yelling, “Oh, thank you Uncle Thompson, I love you so much!”

It was an unfortunate blow to the Gremlin that it came frozen. To kill time, the Mother of the Gremlin took him to Green Lake where the Gremlin used another present to scoot around the path.

At each mile marker, the Gremlin would stop, turn to the MOTG and shout (as on his bike he is now faster than her), “Momma! Is my cake unfrozen yet? We need to get home before Daddy eats it all!”

When it finally did become unfrozen, the Gremlin would not eat it.

“Nono, we can’t eat it! We have to wait for Uncle Thompson!”

“Buddy, he’s not here.”

“Yeah, but he sent cake!”

“Right, but he’s in Chicago.”

“But he sent cake! Why wouldn’t he come over for cake?!” It took us four hours to convince him that Uncle Thompson just sent the cake as a present – that he wasn’t coming to visit (during which time we were sadly not allowed to eat the cake)

Favorite Toy of the Week: Rescue Hero Mountain Command Center

Putting It All Together

It was the Gremlin’s birthday yesterday, and the combination of the Gremlin getting everything he wanted and sugar resulted in a situation similar to this. The Mother and Father of the Gremlin, having to clean up the aftermath of the Little Engine That Could Consume Sugar, we failed to have time to wrap all the presets that were shipped. One such present was a balance bike from Aunt Jessica and Uncle Zach.

The Gremlin saw this bike and began jumping and shouting his excitement. So much so, the MOTG tried to put it together. The Gremlin had several thoughts on this, but only one that was voiced.

“Momma, I think we should wait for daddy.”
 “I’m pretty sure I can do it, buddy, there are only three parts to it.”

“See, momma? You should have waited for daddy!”

When I returned home and was able to take a look, it was apparent the MOTG was extremely close, and just not familiar with the method the assembly team on the balance bike was familiar with. This was not as apparent to the Gremlin

“Oh thank you daddy! You saved the day!”

He continued this throughout the next few days as he’d tell people

“My daddy made this bike for me because my momma couldn’t do it.”

Some Space Needle related pictures

As well as the Gremlin working one of the cameras they have available on top of the Needle

And a video of how ridiculously happy the Gremlin is at parks

Favorite Toy Of The Week: Lego Fire Rescue Sets (and, of course, the balance bike)

Already A Soft Spot For Seattle-Based Mega-Corporations

“Oh momma, I’m so cold! I’m freezing! I’ll never be warm again!”
“Buddy, we’re just driving to the store. I’ll turn the heat on.”
“But I’m so so cold momma.”
“See buddy we’re already at the store. Just walk around and you’ll warm up.”
“Oooh I hate that! I’m freez-you know, I think i know what would warm me up.”
“What is that?”
“Hot cocoa!”
“Sure buddy, there’s cocoa down this aisle right here.”
“Oh, no momma, I mean the cocoa in a cup!”
“What cocoa?”
“Over there, in the cup!”
“You mean Starbucks?”
“Yeah! that’ll warm me right up.”

His Birthday came early this year. Thanks again, Uncle Zach, I’ll remember this when you have kids…

And once we finally got it open….

That’s right – a giant, inflatable plane.

Favorite Toy of the Week: a giant, inflatable plane

Shadow Puppets Are An Art

After both a Curious George and a Cat In The Hat (Knows A Lot About That) episode played back to back featuring shadow puppets, we played a game this week where we asked the Gremlin to make his own.

As you can see, the Gremlin tired of this after the fifth or sixth time we asked him to do so (and only remembered to record him the last time), but he then occupied himself with the two puppies there, and how awesome it was that with a little preparation they could bite and he wouldn’t feel it.

From RemyAndCliquot
(click picture to go to video)

Favorite Toy of the Week: Assorted Coloring Books