Wisdom Of A 3 And 1/2 Year Old – On Annoyances

“Momma, you are on my left nerve today!”

In addition to a YouTube update, the Gremlin also asked me to post his birthday wish list on “the computer program about me.” (deleted)


Picture Update

The Gremlin recently went to visit some furry new friends
And I think they tuckered him out

 The Gremlin hasn’t had too much going on recently, but this weekend should provide ample video opportunities as he is getting more and more vocal. Until then, we leave you with the Gremlin reading Good Night Chicago

Favorite Toy of the Week: Lego Pirate Ship

Maybe He Can’t Read

At the park a few days ago, we noticed there was something off about the Gremlin. It took us a while to place it as he was running, screaming, pretending to be a fire truck as usual. Finally, we realized that whenever he tripped or played with something near his head, it just stayed there – even after he wasn’t holding it any more.

Upon further inspection, we determined the Gremlin had several leaves, a bug, wood chips, and 13 cents in assorted change stuck to his face, hair, hands, and legs. While I may have been slightly excited by the prospect of the Gremlin finally bringing me money for a change, the Mother of the Gremlin stopped me from getting the glue out and doing a ‘touch up’ on our little darling.

After cleaning him off, we guessed that the Gremlin was playing around in the back yard and had gotten sap all over him.

The next day, we asked the Gremlin to get ready to go to the park, and it was only accidentally that we walked in on him.

Instead of using the sunscreen, the Gremlin had mistakenly picked up a glue stick, and was thoroughly applying it to his forehead, cheeks, arms, legs, and neck.

Favorite Toy of the Week: Classic Fire Truck

The Gremlin’s YouTube channel has also been updated.

Wisdom of a 3 and 1/2 Year Old – On Fixing, Spanish, and Having a Tough Life

“Sorry buddy, there’s something wrong with the computer. I can’t figure it out.” The Gremlin, sitting on his mothers lap, thought about this before speaking.

That evening, the Mother of the Gremlin was trying to get the Gremlin to speak Spanish.
“Tiene sueno?” Are you tired?
“No thank you sueno.”
“Don’t you mean ‘no tengo sueno?'”
“No, no thank you sueno!”

“It’s hard to be 3 and 1/2. My daddy almost yelled at me!”

The Arch-Gremlin

It seems the Gremlin has met his match, in the form of a smiliarly-aged female. He was traveling to the park the other day with this girl – who he calls ‘Jasp-air’ – and wanted to hold her hand.

“Jasp-air, I want to hold your hand.”
“Well I don’t want to hold yours.” The Gremlin was being very whiny that day, so the Mother of the Gremlin tried to distract him.
“Buddy, why don’t you pick up a few pine cones?” Jasp-air perked up at the Gremlin having something she didn’t.
“I want pine cones!” The Gremlin looked up, his arms full, and saw his opportunity to hold her hand.
“I will give you a pine cone if you hold my hand.”
“I want two pine cones.”
“Okay, here you go Jasp-air.” After the Gremlin handed them over, she held out both hands that were now occupied by the pine cones and shrugged.
“Sorry, can’t hold your hand!”
“Well, if you’re not going to hold my hand, I’m not going to give you any pine cones.”
“Okay.” She handed them back. The Gremlin tried again.
“I want to hold your hand.”
“I want two pinecones.”
“Can’t hold your hand!”
“Well I want my pine cones back.”
“Okay.” After Jasp-air passed the pine cones back the Gremlin his face scrunched up.
“Hey! I don’t like this game – you’re smarter than me!”

Favorite Toy of the Week: Curious George stuffed animal