I’m convinced the Gremlin is going to be either a great leader, or a tyrant. He’s already so charismatic he’s learned to bend people to his will.

This has never been more apparent than yesterday at Target where he convinced a woman to redecorate her living room. Her ENTIRE living room.

The woman in question was looking at drapes – attempting to choose between two nice shades of green – when the Gremlin – whose cart had been wheeled up next to her – interjected.

“You should get those” he stated, pointing to the red curtains next to her. “My momma has them and she LOVES them.”

“But, I don’t have anything that’s red”

“That’s okay, you can get small stuff and build up. Red goes with everything!”

“I don’t know, I have a tan couch…”

“So do we! Red is the BEST you really should get that one.”

We saw her as we were checking out – she was in another line with the red curtains, a red throw blanket, and several other red accessories. The woman decided to completely change her color scheme based on the fact that a 3 year old likes fire trucks.

Favorite Toy of the Week: Pillow Pet Dog


The Mother of the Gremlin usually picks up either the ingredients to make a treat over the course of the week, or some sort of mix. Then she and the Gremlin spend a few hours cooking and making themselves sick on sugar (which is LOTs of fun for Daddy to come home to).

The Gremlin, being party to most of these trips to the store, asked to make brownies last week. The MOTG thought about it, but was a bit busy, so she tried to put him off.

“Buddy, let’s make them tonight, okay?” The Gremlin looked up at her.

“No, momma, before my dad gets home.”

“Buddy, we’re doing to make them tonight, I’m busy right now.”

“No momma! It has to be before my daddy gets home!”

“Why does it have to be before he gets home?” The Gremlin glared at the MOTG.

“Mom, I know about the cookies.” He took her blank look to mean that she needed a reminder, and the Gremlin stormed off to his room. The MOTG – having just been stomped out on by a 3 year old – was still standing in surprise in the kitchen. The Gremlin walked over so she could see him and slammed his tiny hand on the table.

“This is what I’m talking about. THIS!” He pointed emphatically and put his hands on his hips. The MOTG walked over to the table to find the empty Break and Bake package she and I had finished off the night before, and put in the trash already.

Favorite Toy of the Week:  Curious George Zoo Hide and Seek Zoo

It’s Right Because I Can’t See It

At the toy store the other day, the Gremlin found the Sodor Power Crew. Being obsessed with all things colored like fire trucks, he grabbed the closest parent he knew and showed a Friend of the Mother of the Gremlin.

“Look, it’s firemen!” The MOTG’s friend corrected him.

“No, that’s the Sodor Power Crew.” The Gremlin glared as she pointed to the package proclaiming ‘Sodor Power Crew.’ He stomped and shoved his finger under hers.

Sodor Fire Crew!” The MOTG’s friend  spelled out the title.

“Sodor-Power-Crew.” The Gremlin growled and stomped again.

“Sodor-Fire-Crew,” he put trailed his pointer finger over each word as he said them – mimicking the friends’ method of forming sounds with words. The MOTG’s friend corrected him again by covering up the name so he couldn’t see it.

“This is the Sodor Power Crew.” The Gremlin was undeterred by her ‘suggestion’ so he put his hand over hers and repeated himself:

“This is the Sodor Fire Crew.”

As usual, the Gremlin won.

Favorite Toy of the Week: Lego Sears Tower (which the Gremlin calls the ‘Serious Tower’)

Wisdom Of A 3 and 1/2 Year Old – On Lying

“Okay, buddy, we missed Daddy’s birthday, so we’re going to celebrate it tomorrow. What do you think he wants?”
“Momma, give me the phone. I call Daddy.” Gremlin retreats to his room and closes the door.
“Okay Momma, Daddy wants a firetruck cake. Chocolate. And-uh-the Lego Fire Truck Station!”
“Is that the truth?”
“Yes, but as long as you don’t ask him. Are you going to ask him?”
“Yes I am buddy.”
“Okay, then he wants it now so it’s here before he gets home. I go get the keys. Momma, is it lying if you don’t check?”