It’s A New Generation…

I still remember my first computer – this awesome IBM with an orange-print screen. We set it up in the family room and I was allowed to mess around with it while my dad wasn’t working on it.

The Gremlin is growing up with computers, and it was bound to happen that he was going to pick them up earlier than I did, I just thought he was going to be able to … oh, I don’t know … spell first. Apparently that’s not an issue to the wiles of the Gremlin.

This morning, while the Mother of the Gremlin was making coffee in her beloved Bodum Brazil 8-Cup (34-Ounce) Coffee Press, the Gremlin was begging her to let him play on – his favorite site to interact with shows like Curious George or Caillou (I’d never heard of him either). The MOTG agreed that as soon as the coffee was ready, she’d get the computer there and play with him.

The Gremlin decided this wasn’t fast enough, and climbed up to his mother’s netbook. When the MOTG came over to her computer, she was amazed to see the Gremlin already playing the Curious George game.

“Buddy, how did you do that?”
“Shhhhhh, momma!” the Gremlin was intent on his game. Once he finished it, she closed out the browser.
“Can you show me how you did that?”

The Gremlin looked up at his mother – considering pulling his “how I do what?” trick again, but realized he’s already shown he could get to it. So he put his finger on the touch pad, opened up an internet browser, clicked the URL space, hit the ‘p’ button, and scrolled down to (and he still claims he can’t read).

“So momma, I can play another game now?”
Update: The Gremlin decided he wanted to play on my laptop, so I took video of it. And no, that’s not Arrested Development – Season One playing in the background. Okay, ‘Maebe’ it is….

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