Story Clarification

So I realized that I said, “he’s doing it again” in my last post, and may not have fully expounded on what it was he was doing. So this post is a bit dated, going back to when the Gremlin was crawling. He was independent even then, with his various escape attempts and other escapades. Well, after baby-proofing the house, it would happen that either the MOTG (Mother of the Gremlin) or DOTG (Dad of the Gremlin) would step out of the room to grab a phone, snag a bottle, burp cloth, or something of the sort.

When we would do these things, right after he started crawling at about 8 or 9 months, we’d always hear a thump right when we’d walk back into the room. It didn’t matter where we were, if we were in the Gremlin’s room, in the living room, in the kitchen, or at someone else’s house. We naturally became concerned rather quickly, and set up a control.
One day, while the Gremlin was in his room, the DOTG got up under the guise of getting a phone (that’s right, we had to set up a fake reason to get him to do it – he wouldn’t do it otherwise). I left the room and stood at the door, leaving it just under halfway open. As I watched, he looked around to see if I was in the room, and then stood up. He walked over to his table and turned around, when I opened the door. He saw me, and dropped back down to his knees with a ‘thump.’
For almost a week our son had not only been walking, but deliberately hiding it from us.

He Can Totally Read

He’s doing it again. While most children delight in advancing, proving competency to their parents, and showing up their friends, the Gremlin has decided to do exactly the opposite. After spending weeks and weeks repeating various books we’ve read to him, we’re just now finding out that he’s picking up a few things here and there. His grandmother came in town from California over Thanksgiving, and brought him whiteboard flash cards that also had traceable letters for things like cat, dog, boy, girl, etc… and he’s been putting them and his vocabulary to good use. We’re glad he’s finally doing this, because before these cards, we had only our suspicions.

Like when we were walking into Half Priced Books last month and the Gremlin pointed to a sign, asking what it meant. When his mother told him it was an emergency lane for rescue vehicles, he corrected her, “Momma, it’s a fire lane.” But when we asked him to repeat it, he talked about how he wanted to go look at the books. And then again at the bank he again asked for a sign to be read at the ATM. Again, when the word ‘bank’ was omitted, he corrected his mother, and then refused to bring it up again.