"I smell something!"

The Gremlin pushed his trains into the living room the other day – he’s super excited about Thomas, and all the things that go with it. He was leading, of course, with the one that made noise. Daddy foolishly bought “James” (his favorite, according to the Gremlin) not realizing it not only lit up, but also made “chuff chuff” noises when the wheels turned AND (even better!) made whistle noises when you pushed the button on the top of it.

James was immediately followed by Lady (the Gremlin’s favorite, according to him), who was purchased when the ‘Baba Fairy’ came, but that’s another story (specifically, the one before this). Right after lady was Percy (his favorite – are we seeing a pattern here?), and another train came along with the coal cars.

Well, James’ train came in, and immediately had to “park.” Of course, the parking moved depending on where Mommy and Daddy were, and today, it was right behind my feet. After a brief, but logical discussion of where to park (“James has to park there.” “But my feet are there.” “Okay, move them!” “That was not a nice way to ask, and I was here first.” “Please move them?” “Buddy, I was here first. You need to get used to sharing things and space with people.” “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!”), the Gremlin calmed down and decided to try his other train. (“Coal car has to park there.” “Sigh.”)

Attempting to plead his case, the Gremlin scaled the couch to show Daddy that they were both at the same level. Halfway up the couch, the Gremlin froze. He smiled, and dropped into his father’s lap.

“I love you sooooo much!”
“Thank you, buddy, I love you too.”
“Daddy, I smell something.” Uh-oh.
“What do you smell?”
“Chocolate.” Dang!
“Can I have some pleeeeeeeeeease?”

That’s right, he smelled Oreos on my breath, and managed to score cookies out of it.