He Found His Calling

So my son, the child who loves to cook, bake, and do anything and everything with food including, eat, play and watch (cookies, yeast, etc…), has found his calling:

Mafia Enforcer.

This was very apparent at the beach the other day when he was playing with his bucket, filling it up in the lake and pouring it out in the dry sand. At one point, a 7-year-old walked up, smacked the bucket out of his hand, took it, and departed with it.

While the MOTG went and remedied the situation, after she had returned the bucket to her son and was looking for the person supervising the child, she noticed something. Whenever the Gremlin doesn’t want you to see what he is doing, he stares at you with that look on his face. When he got this look on his face staring at his mother while walking to the water, she figured he was just upset and going back to play.

However, while unobtrusively keeping her eye on him, she noticed the Gremlin fill up his bucket, return to the 7-year-old, coolly tap him on the shoulder, and proceed to cover him in ice cold Lake Michigan water. The 7-year-old was stunned into silence.

After approaching my wife, the bully became upset when she told him that he shouldn’t have started in with the Gremlin (and the bully’s mother agreed).