He’s Not Addicted, I Swear!

My 18 month old child is now fully able to make coffee, on his own.

For the last few months, he’s been obsessed with cooking. He always wants to be involved, and enjoys doing some of the more menial tasks. One of these includes grinding the coffee beans. Every day, he would watch as we got out the bag, poured them into the grinder, and then let him press the button until they were powdery morsels of caffeinated goodness.

We never paid attention to the fact that, after that, he was still sitting right there on the counter when we would transfer the grinds to the coffeemaker, add water, and start it brewing. This morning, however, the Mother of the Gremlin happened to walk back in the room after hearing an odd whirring sound from the kitchen. As he wasn’t crying, she took her time. However, when she came back in, she saw the Gremlin examining the base of the coffee maker studiously. As she approached, he pushed the button, and it began to whir away.

After stopping the coffee maker (as she believed it to be empty), she was surprised to see water in the reservior. She began to understand what was going on, and checked the filter.

Now we just have to train him to wake up before us quietly and do this.


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