And His Life of Crime Begins

So there was a rash of disappearing items in the infant ward of the child care. Bottles would be gone out of cubbyholes, with only their labels remaining. The rash of items continues for several weeks, and included several pacifiers, bottles, and even a cell phone. Before the phone was lost all the items could be written off, but once the phone went missing, an investigation of the employees began. When all the employees turned out to be clean, there was a massive effort to search the entire infant section.

That’s when they found “The Drawer”. It was gruesome: the shells of discarded bottles and husks of used pacifiers filled the drawer, with the missing cell phone in the middle of it all.

After discovering “the drawer,” the investigation turned internal – watching to see which of the infants knew of the drawer. Next time the Mother of the Gremlin went to pick up the little jewel thief she was greeted by the building’s handyman who was installing a locking latch on the gate to the cubbies. Now all he has to do is learn to use keys…